Measuring Success with Smiles

Canine Assist are a capacity building support service offering a set program to clients to assist with increased social participation, decreased support dependence, capacity building and independence promotion. 

We operate under the following line item:

09_008_0116_6_3 - Innovative Community Participation

 04-105-0125-6-1 Access Community Social and Recreational Activities

04-185-0104-6-1 Group Activities in a centre

04-104-0125-6-1 Accessing Community, Social and Recreational Activities

In addition to our programs, we offer participants access to:

  • Canine Camps

  • Holiday Programs 

  • Canine Adventure Days 

  • Home Visits 

  • Assistance Dog Trials 

  • Community Adventure Days 


Claimable under 09_011_0125_6_3 - Community Participation Activities

What We Do 

We work with our clients to achieve their capacity building goals, through a specially designed program built in conjunction with participants requirements 


 The reason we use dogs is simple! Dogs are a proven way to increase confidence and ability when dealing with people with disability, they offer support and reassurance that humans often can't.

The Goals Process (1).png