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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I have a quote for an Assistance Dog?

No, whilst we do supply Assistance Dogs they are only available to those who have undertaken our "Assistance Dog Pathway " Capacity Building Program. 

How do your services work? 

Canine Assist provide Capacity Building Services alongside our specially trained dogs, you can make an enquiry and join our program, simply contact info@canine-assist.com.au 

Are you different to an OT or Therapist that has a dog?

Yes - Very different, Canine Assist concentrate on capacity building and work with you to build confidence, ability, social skills and communication whilst both in our centre and out and about in public. 

What NDIS budget do I use for your services?

Canine Assist are a Capacity Building service, and as such utilise the "Innovative Community Participation" section

Are you an NDIS provider?

No, however this does not restrict us being able to deal with any NDIS participants 

Can you help my OT or Supports with recommendations or request letters?

Yes, just have your support services contact us directly and one of the team will explain how the process works. 
How do I know if I am eligible for Canine Assist Services? 

Simply contact us and we will start the induction process and see how and if your goals fit into what we provide

Does the dog live with me?

Our clients that are undertaking our Capacity Building Course join the dog for sessions, however if following the course if they apply and are successful in obtaining a Canine Assist Assistance Dog then that dog will be with the participant full time. 

How long is the course?

The Canine Assist "Better Handler Course" runs for 2 years and you will learn skills all about dogs and their behaviours and discover things about your own abilities you never thought possible. 

How much does the course cost? 

The course is $335.00 per week and gives the participant access to 2 one on one sessions per week, our online portal, online support, and exclusive first access to our camps and day activities 

What days can I attend your course?

Canine Assist are available 9-5 Monday to Friday, in addition we run weekend camps and overnight training on occasion. 

How do I book sessions?

Once you join the course your trainer will book in regular sessions with you 

Can I do one off sessions?

No, the minimum number of weeks is a 6 week course